Genes, QTL, Genome and Applications

This section included materials covering a wide spectrum of topics in genetics - from basic inheritance in quatitative and molecular terms to molecular biology techniques, markers, genes, to gene maps and quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping, marker assisted selections (MAS) and their utility in animal breeding.
Introductory Materials:
  1. Biology Hypertextbook Chapters
    Chemistry Review, Large Molecules, Cell Biology, Enzyme Biochemistry, Glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle, Mendelian Genetics, Central Dogma, Recombinant DNA, Immunology etc.
  2. Genetics ABC: DNA, Genes and Heredity
  3. Interactive Biology
  4. Biology Animation Library
  5. Animation of Mordern Genetic Analysis
  6. Biotech Chronicles
  7. Graphics Gallery
  8. Biotech Applied
  9. 1-2-3 Genomics - a Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Knowledge Base
  10. Pedro's Dictionaries
  11. Glossary: ( Molecular biology | Meat Quality | Swine Production )

  12. A Primer on Molecular Genetics - by Dan Jacobson at DOE
  13. "Blue Genes": A Short Course to Genetics by Laura Kingdon et al., ISU
  14. An Introduction to Genes and Gene Maps in Pigs by Laura Kingdon et al., ISU
  15. Mapping the Pig Genome: A Practical Primer by Lawrence Schook
  16. Statistical Genetics by Wyman Nyquist

  17. Pig Breeds and Karyotypes (Graphics)

Methods in Making Linkage Maps:
  1. Making Linkage Maps Using CRIMAP: a tutorial from EMBnet
  2. A Tutorial: Using CRIMAP for Construction of Linkage Maps by Zhiliang Hu
  3. Radiation Hybrid Mapping Information (pigs, cattle, human ...)
  4. BioNet.GeneLinkage-FAQ

Methods in Mapping QTL:
  1. Statistical Methods for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) by Zhao-Bang Zeng and Brian S. Yandell
  2. QTL Course Notes: Identifying and Incorporating Genetic Markers and Major Genes In Animal Breeding Programs by Brian Kinghorn Julius van der Werf (University of New England, Armidale, Australia).
  3. A Tutorial: Using Haley's Program on Regression Interval Mapping of QTL by Tun-ping Yu (ISU)
  4. Optimizing Strategies for Marker-Assisted Selection by Jack Dekkers (ISU)
  5. Statistical Genomics - Linkage, Mapping, and QTL Analysis by Ben Liu
  6. QTL Analysis Software (a list of software sources)

Laboratory Techniques and Tools:
  1. The Guide of PCR Technique: A web resources for various PCR techniques
  2. Differential Display PCR: A way to identify differentially expressed genes.
  3. Animal Genomics Software.

  1. A Primer of Genome Science by Greg Gibson and Spencer Muse
  2. Swine Production (Course at University of Pennsylvania)
  3. New Technologies in Animal Breeding a lecture notes by Max F. Rothschild
  4. Current Status of Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping in Pigs (Review; by Max Rothschild et al)
  5. Modern Genetics for Veterinarians & the Animal Sciences a lecture notes by Michel Georges
  6. Marker assisted selection: A fast track to increase genetic gain? (An FAO perspective)
  7. Pig Industry Handbook (An Online Book)

  8. Pig Genome Maps and Databases
  9. Pig Genetic Tests (Guide to Commercial Sites)
  10. Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes

  1. The Genetics of the Pig (2011), Max Rothschild and A Ruvinsky (Ed.)
    ( See the Review by Pieter W. Knap )
  2. Evolution and Selection of Quantitative Traits (2009) by Bruce Walsh and Michael Lynch
  3. Methods in Molecular Biology™ series Volumn 871: Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) (2012), Rifkin, Scott A. (Ed.), Springer,

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