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Guide to Livestock Genetic Tests
  1. Celera AgGene (former PE AgGen, Inc. USA)
    Parentage, MAS, Health, Forensic Services etc

  2. GeneSeek Genotyping/Genome Scan Service (USA)
    Genome-wide scan and Population screening

  3. GeneSTAR Pty Ltd (Australia)
    GeneSTAR Marbling -- Test for gene associated with marbling in cattle

  4. DNA Diagnostics
    Animal Forensics, Paternity, Verification, Disease Diagnostics

  5. Genetic Labs and Testing Sites (world wide)
    Links to human genetic test sites.

  6. GenomNZ AgResearch (New Zealand)
    Parentage, Elk Hybrid, Booroola, Product Tracking and Genome Screens

  7. Identigen DNA Service (Ireland)
    DNA service, TraceBack, GMO Testing, etc.

  8. MediGenomix Service (Germany)
    Livestock genotyping, sexing, QTL screening and identity test

  9. Rosgen Blood Typing and DNA Typing (UK)
    For Cattle, Dogs, Sheep and Pigs

  10. Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System (USA)
    Dept. of Animal Sciences at Purdue University

  11. Van Haeringen Laboratorium for Genetic tests (Netherlands)
    Parental control, Hereditary Disorders/Properties, Bird Sexing, etc
  • ARTICLE: Sperm sexing technique is becoming a reality
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