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  • Update
    • EST Mapping Data: Under construction.
    • A total of 98,988 pig EST sequences were analyzed to search for homologies among pig EST sequences and human genes using BLAST alignment against 97,1000 human UniGene sequences. The similarity among the EST sequences and pig gene sequences was also determined by BLAST alignment against 2,011 pig gene sequences from Genbank.
    • A Java based in-silicomapping tool is being developed (testing).
    What is the pig EST database?

    Currently, the pig Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) database contains 2 versions: the first version contains ~14,000 EST sequences. This set of sequences was generated by the Iowa State University led Pig EST Coordination Program. The EST sequences were obtained from porcine whole embryo, term placenta, anterior pituitary, hypothalamus and ovary.

    The new version of pig EST database accomomdates 98,988 pig ESTs which were obtained from NCBI dbEST database, the BLAST alignment data, associated Human UniGene and RH maps (EBI GenomeMap'99, NCBI GeneMap'99), Pig-Human Comparative Map information and mapped pig genes in the pig genome database (PIGBASE).

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  • Homology between pig ESTs and human UniGene sequences.
  • Homology between pig ESTs and and pig gene sequences (derived from Genbank).
  • Homology between the 14,000 pig ESTs (generated by the Coordination Program) and human UniGene sequences

    Information on the current release

    EST Data Summary - Summary figures and tables


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