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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

Task Force: FAANGSingleCell
— FAANG Single Cell Task Force

Current Organizers:

Single cell TF priorities

The field of single cell analysis is very broad, encompassing much of current FAANG activities adapted to the single cell level. Thus discussion groups need to be organized according to the major/minor topics listed below. The purpose of the groups will be identifying current projects and protocols and respective future needs, as well as further common interests and approaches with the overall goal of improving protocol sharing and standardization for both data creation, storage and analysis. Development of mechanisms and tools to exchange such information is needed to advance each component of single cell analysis.

  1. FAIR Data creation, storage and sharing
    1. Sample acquisition and processing protocols
    2. Sample description/metadata schema
    3. Raw data (pre-analytical) data storage and sharing
    4. Cross-lab training in protocols
  2. Biological Analysis, Interpretation and Sharing
    1. Raw data processing protocols
    2. Query-specific analysis tools- benchmarking/sharing
    3. Results visualization, storage and sharing
    4. Public data exploratory tools
    5. Experimental/biological validation of findings
    6. Cross-lab exchanges of methods and training in use of tools
    7. Cyber-infrastructure needs for extremely large/comparative projects

General planned activities

  • Organization of small groups focused on specific aspect of the two main topics
  • Identification of existing resources for data sharing and analysis in other single cell consortia.
  • Establishment of spaces for collections of shared protocols and analytical pipelines.



( Group organizer )
  • Acloque, Herve
  • Adetula, Adeyinka abiola
  • Archibald, Alan
  • Babatunde, Akeem
  • Becker, Doreen
  • Bhati, Meenu
  • Biase, Fernando 
  • Chaudhari, Chirag
  • Cheng, Hans
  • Cheng, Hao
  • Chitneedi, Praveen
  • Clark, Emily
  • Clop, Alex
  • Crooijmans, Richard
  • Drechsler, Yvonne 
  • Elsik, Christine 
  • Fang, Lingzhao
  • Garrido, Juan j.
  • Giuffra, Elisabetta
  • Groenen, Martien
  • Guan, Dailu
  • Harrison, Peter 
  • Hayes, Ben
  • He, Yanghua
  • Herrera uribe, Juber leonardo
  • Huang, Lusheng
  • Işık, Raziye
  • Kapoor, Muskan
  • Kerns, Karl
  • Kijas, James
  • Kim, Heebal
  • Koltes, James 
  • Li, Congjun
  • Lien, Sigbjorn
  • Lindgren, Gabriella
  • Liu, George
  • Madsen, Ole
  • Menarim, Bruno
  • Murdoch, Brenda
  • Naboulsi, Rakan
  • Ng, Theros
  • Plastow, Graham
  • Psifidi, Androniki
  • Raine, Amanda
  • Reecy, James
  • Silverstein, Jeffrey
  • Tosser-klopp, Gwenola
  • Tuggle, Christopher 
  • Vidal, Rodrigo
  • Wang, Ying
  • Watson, Mick
  • White, Stephen
  • Wiarda, Jayne
  • Woziri, Abubakar
  • Zaldivar-lopez, Sara
  • Zhou, Huaijun
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